weather strip with and without fin










Weatherstripping is an easy and cost-effective way to save money on energy costs and improve comfort by reducing drafts. Weatherstripping reduces air leakage by creating a tight seal between movable building components such as doors and operable windows and the building structure.

With the polypylene plastic piece in the middle of the ordinary weather pile strips, the plastic fin may be higher than or be equal to the pile higher, it is sealing property is higher than the conventional product far.

A single, pliable, barrier fin in a unified assembly with self-supporting pile, and built-in "pile directors", provides an excellent seal with low opening force and low friction weatherstrippin.




























Cool weather is approaching. Are you ready? Is your home ready? With fuel costs in limbo it is important to reduce the amount of air infiltration in your home. Weather stripping not only helps reduce air infiltration, it also has the added benefit of helping stop dust, dirt and insects from entering the home.


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