rcm electronic tubular motor









RCM Electronic motors are used for controlling rolling shutters, retractable awnings, roller blinds and interior shades they come in different capacity lift. Motorize your home to save energy and lower your utility bills. Protect yourself and your family from the sun's harmful UV rays. Also blind shades provide convenience and comfort. Problems such as glare control, privacy and protecting valuable furnishings are now solved.






Motorized Rolling shutters










Our industry leading roller shutters will insulate your home and add extra security to protect your home. Modern Roller Shutters have thermal insulation properties that can significantly reduce the heat in the warmer months. Injected with polyurethane, roller shutters offer a thick wall of insulation just like that of a cool room and can keep out much of the outside heat. Be it the middle of summer or just the midday and afternoon sun throughout the year.












the insulating features of Modern Roller shutters keeps your home cooler, provides significant energy savings and offers reduced energy bills for owners. Shutters provide a superior defence against burglary and more importantly to home owners, are an effective visual deterrent to help prevention.







motorized roller blind









Roller blinds are available as a way for offices and homes to block out direct sunlight and protect the fabrics and materials on furniture and flooring. Roller shades are crafted in a way to add an additional layer of insulation to protect against heat loss in the wintertime, and penetrating heat in the summer. They are offered in a variety of designs, materials, colors, and levels of insulation.











Roller shades are designed to be extremely durable, and designed for a variety of distinct purposes. Based on the type of fabric chosen, roller shades can create ultimate privacy, and provide nearly 100% blackout, or be sheer in design. The sheer designs will filter out much of the light while still producing silhouettes that can be seen from the interior outwards









motorized retractable awnings









Awnings offer great benefits in reducing energy costs while keeping you cool on your deck or patio. You can reduce heat gain inside by as much as 77% and reduce sunlight and glare through your window by as much as 94%.Awning provides you and your family with 99% UV protection from the suns harmful rays so you and your family are free to enjoy the outdoors without worry.












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