prepainted Aluminum Coils










Aluminum Coils are used for manufacturing Roller Shutters and False Ceiling, It comes in different sizes, and thicknesses.










Painted Aluminum: 1100, 3003, 3105, 5005 and 5052 are just some of common alloys available in painted product. Painted aluminum is produced in a broad range of mechanical properties and the spectrum of finishes includes high durability exterior coatings, specialized epoxies, polyesters, textured polyesters, fluorocarbons and metallics as well as wash coat primers. Standard colours can be selected from or custom colour matching can be done to specification. Most coatings are available on one and two sides




aluminum rolling shutters











Aluminum roller shutters are resistant to corrosion, precipitation exposure. They are strong, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Break-in protection: Home, office or shop security is the main task that roller shutters successfully fulfill. In your absence roller shutter systems can effectively protect your property.

Sun protection: Comfortable chill during hot days, protection of curtains, furniture and carpeted floors against fading under the influence of sun rays.




rolling shutters advantages












Energy saving: When the curtain is rolled down there is the air gap between the roller shutter and the window acts like a thermos, i.e. roller shutters help to create optimal temperature in the house: they preserve chill during hot days, and heat during cold ones. This contributes up to to 20% of energy saving.

Noise protection: Reduction of noise levels in the room for a more comfortable work or leisure due to usage of aluminum profiles with foam insulation.

Due to wide range of color solutions and shutter boxes design, roller shutters can be considered as the original decorative element of the façade highlighting exclusive character and modern style of the house. Special color project program can visually evaluate advantages of new boxes and see their combination with various facades in a wide color range.


















Aluminum false ceiling system has more choices and better configuration than ordinary ceiling. Professional decoration projects, which can not be confined to a single material or the use of single product, it should be selected by the actual needs and proportion. Metacil ceiling system can provide aluminum ceiling, and quality components of ceiling decoration options, the professional projects as well, which can make the ceiling decoration be integrated with the whole style and make the use of function and decoration to be consistent.




different sizes and shapes












Aluminum Tile Ceiling Systems blend style with functionality, offering a clean, monolithic or grid pattern aesthetic and a variety of options. A wide range of aluminium tile sizes and perforation patterns are available.Metal Tile Suspension Systems provide varied aesthetic characteristics through concealing or exposing the grid system. A rigid grid system ensures that the ceiling is aligned and easily levelled. The major advantage of this metal ceiling system is that metal tiles can be easily removed and replaced, allowing full access to above-ceiling services.




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