HPL - high pressure laminated










Product uses: Interior design, kitchens, shop design sanitary areas, cabinets, partition elements, wall panelling.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) We offer an extensive range of high pressure laminates incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques and a variety of colours and surface finishes. Our wood effect and stone reproduction décors are available in high quality matt and textured finishes to be as realistic as possible. We also offer a wide range of metallic effect laminates and gloss/metallic combinations in our designer décors.











Field of application:

Today, thanks to its particular properties, HPL is widely used in miscellaneous fields. Its excellent mechanical and physical performance and toughness make high-pressure laminate one of the most popular materials in interior design, from wall cladding to flooring and from suspended ceilings to furnishing accessories and furniture. In particular, due to its hygienic qualities and ease of maintenance, it has always been widely used in kitchens and everywhere that requires special attention to hygiene, such as hospitals, laboratories, restaurants etc. Arpa offers materials and solutions for many applications (see table). Some collections, such as Arpa for Kitchen and Arpa for Retail & Contract have been specially designed to respond to the specific requirements for particular purposes.


HPL surface should be cleaned regularly but does not require any special maintenance, just a damp cloth with warm water or mild detergents. Almost all normal household cleaning products or disinfectants are tolerated perfectly well, as long as they are not abrasive or highly alkaline.




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