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The digital door viewer is designed to replace the traditional peephole viewer with a new electric system, giving the viewer clear and high quality images.

The advantages of electronic door viewer: Panel thickness: 3mm,4mm.5mm,6mm Panel width:1000mm,1220mm,1250mm, 1350mm,1500mm,1570mm. Easy to operate. Just press the button to view image on the LCD screen. A large clear image of the visitors will appear, irrespective of height or distance. Easy for children to operate. The large clear image makes it easier for people with reduced sight to view.










Disadvantages of traditional door viewer: Image quality is poor. The user, to see an image, must put an eye close to the viewer and this darkens the peephole, alerting the visitor that someone is in the house. The position of the viewer is too high for young children to use. People with sight disabilities may have difficulties in getting a clear image.

Safety Features Of The Digital Door Viewer:

It is a revolutionary new security device that can be easily installed in wood, fiberglass, or metal doors. It is designed to replace the standard peephole and give you the peace of mind of clearly seeing who is visiting. Unlike a conventional peephole, you can stand up to seven feet back from the door to safely see out. Utilizing prism optics, The Safety View door viewer projects the outside image onto the view screen providing a 132 degree viewing area while maintaining your privacy and protection. You can see clearly out while visitors cannot see in. Children and those in wheelchairs love this wide angle door viewer since they can see out without having to reach up to a peephole.




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