Making your home work for you automatically. Imagine a house that remember to lock itself at 10PM.

Shades that close as the sun hits, the heating or cooling just before your arrival.

With home automation every thing works together the way you want it to.

Life is just better with more control, your house will text you when someone forgets to close a door or when the kids get home.

Turn on or off lights from your sell, the possibilities are endless.






Product Name



Motion Sensor Sensor


Other than sensing motion, the device conjointly measures temperature and light-weight levels providing you with a more complete motion detection solution. The sensor detects change in location or any attempt at opening its casing.

Door/Window Sensor Sensor touch sensor with an integrated temperature screen.
Universal Binary Sensor Sensor


A module that enhances the functionality of any wire-based and wireless alarm and measurement systems sensor with a binary output

Flood Sensor Sensor A sensor that detects Water leakage and temperature.
CO Sensor Sensor


A sensor, with an intergrated alarm and temperature detector, that alerts you when carbon monoxide becomes dangerous.

Smoke Sensor Sensor


A sensor, with an intergrated alarm and temperature detector, that alerts you when there is smoke.

Wall Plug Actor A smart switch with power metering for electrical devices.
Heat Controller Actor


A controller that can be installed on any number of radiator and they will work together to provide you with an optimum temperature.

Switches Actor


A switch that allows you to turn on/off lights or electrical appliances. It will also provide you with precise information about electric energy consumption.

RGBW Controller Actor A controller that allows you to control and change the color of your lights.
Dimmer 2 Actor  A compound unit adjusting luminous intensity.
Home Center Lite Gateway


An extremely compact controller using a web based and featuring graphic interface for simple programming. Control your house through a broad range of native apps, voice control by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri and Messenger. 

Home Center 2 Gateway



Similar to HCL , HC2 is an advanced whole home management system. It manages all Fibaro Z-wave devices as well as most 3rd party Z-wave devices with a wide library of built in drivers for multimedia. HC2 has its own alarm panel which allows you to arm/disarm sensors individually, and even remotely. For larger homes or for multiple homes in different locations, HC2 uniquely allows you to network several Home Centers into one system.